From CARCD’s Board of Directors

As a board, we see incredible opportunity in the work RCDs do everyday, the work that we know pays dividends — the work of coming together to create solutions. We also understand the important role of the statewide association in supporting the mission-critical work that binds us together and grows our opportunities. We know that we are stronger when we work together.

We have also seen incredible growth in the RCD community over the past few years. To support this, we, as a board, have been working to build a CARCD that is strong enough to support the many amazing RCDs in the state. One that adds value, helps people understand the important mission of RCDs, and provides opportunities for RCDs to grow and better serve in this imperative role.

We are proud of the work our RCDs do and the work of all RCDs. We are proud of this work because we believe in a strong California that is able to meet its challenges and because we believe that a strong California comes one community at a time.

We hope that all of you — partners and RCDs alike — will join our strong network of RCDs and help solve the critical challenges of our day. We are excited about the bold steps RCDs have taken, we have moved towards the future as a group and continue to do so.