San Mateo County RCD employs new strategies to combat climate change

A green field with cows in the distance

San Mateo County RCD was recently featured in the Half Moon Bay Review for their efforts to combat climate change through a practice known as carbon farming. From the article:

Over the past year, the conservation district has been cultivating “carbon farming” plans for farms and ranches across the county. It involves a smattering of strategies designed to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases and bulk up a farm’s productivity and resilience. 

“We have our eye on the prize to reverse climate change by drawing greenhouse gases down from the atmosphere and putting them back in the soils and plants from which they came,” said Kellyx Nelson, executive director of the San Mateo Resource Conservation District. “It’s not enough to reduce emissions, (to) take public transit (or to) drive an electric vehicle. There’s another solution that is literally right under our feet.”

Please click here to read the full article. For additional information visit our Carbon Farming project page.