CARCD and FSCC Forestry Committees Joint Field Tour

CARCD and Statewide Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee members along with guests pose for a group picture in Bonita, CA.

On November 12, 2018, the RCD of Greater San Diego County hosted a joint CARCD Forestry Committee and Statewide Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee forest health field tour. Renowned entomologist Dr. John Kabashima and San Diego County Dept. of Weights and Measures Nick Basinski provided insight into tree mortality caused by invasive species of goldspotted oak borer and shot hole borer beetles. “These two species of invasive pests have killed many important hardwood trees throughout San Diego County and they have the ability to spread throughout much of the State,” claimed Sheryl Landrum, Executive Director of the RCD of Greater San Diego County. Ms. Landrum expressed the need for continued attention, funding and work to address these pests before they spread further.

The two forestry committees viewed tree mortality at Flinn Springs Regional Park in El Cajon and land adjacent to the JR Southbay Golf Center in Bonita. Dr. Kabashima and Nick Basinski shared important life cycle information and management options being deployed to the committees. Patricia Heyden, Senior Park Ranger at Flinn Springs Regional Park, stressed the importance of containing the spread of these invasive pests and the challenges the tree removal and treatment workload presents to the region. The committees discussed the significance of recent funding received from the State legislature from AB 2470 and the $5 million allocated in the Governor’s 2018/19 budget to deal with the invasive shot hole borer beetles.

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Left: Senior Park Ranger Patricia Heyden and forestry committee members view bark beetle damages oak trees at FLinn Springs Regional Park.

Right: Dr. John Kabashima explains the life cycle and damage to a sycamore tree caused by the invasive shot hole borer beetle at the Flinn Springs Regional Park in El Cajon, CA.