New White Paper on Shifting the Regulatory Paradigm

Kellyx Nelson, Executive Director of the San Mateo Resource Conservation District, has co-authored a white paper called Shifting the Regulatory Paradigm Toward Bold Immediate Action for a Resilient California.

This paper was prepared under the auspices of the California Landscape Stewardship Network to help catalyze new conversations and strategies to reduce persistent barriers to environmental stewardship, conservation, and restoration of California’s lands that are unintended consequences of essential environmental regulations.

Building on significant work that has been done to date, the paper summarizes and assesses key advances in addressing these barriers and recommends next steps. The paper incorporates perspectives and feedback from dozens of people working in the field of natural resource management as well as a review of the literature and models of efficient permitting within and beyond the world of conservation. Nelson tells us, “We are immensely grateful to those who took the time to review earlier drafts of the document and to provide valuable expertise, and look forward to continuing the conversation to restore and manage California’s lands at the pace and scale that is needed to address the challenges we face.”