Partner Spotlight: California Invasive Plant Council

Spring is here, and based on their Facebook page, it looks like the California Invasive Plant Council (Cal-IPC) and volunteers are “busy pulling weeds while the ground is soft and the shoots are young.” The recent heavy rains have been good for California’s natural landscapes, but also for invasive plants, and RCDs are working with Cal-IPC to mitigate and control the insurgence of weeds.

Through the years Cal-IPC has been a critical partner to RCDs, both directly and indirectly:

  • Cal-IPC hosts world-class experts on invasive plants and share their knowledge with RCDs through collaboration and workshops.
  • Along with RCDs, Cal-IPC is an active participant in Weed Management Areas (WMAs). WMAs are valuable because they bring stakeholders together to share what they’ve learned, to continually improve weed management strategies, and to determine local priorities.
  • Cal-IPC is critical in raising awareness about invasive species inside and outside of the conservation community, and they energize communities through education and volunteer opportunities.
  • Cal-IPC is active at the State Capitol, educating legislators in order to secure consistent funding for invasive species projects across the state.

CARCD and the RCDs are proud to be partners of Cal-IPC and are looking forward to continuing in the fight against invasive weeds.