The Wildlife Conservation Board Announces $1.4 Million in Funding for Carbon Farming

Last month the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) met to vote on funding for carbon farming projects across the state. WCB voted unanimously to approve $1.4 million for the projects! Ten (10) RCDs and the Carbon Cycle Institute will create at least 38 conservation and carbon farm plans with producers, and WCB’s funding will enable them to implement the plans and put carbon into the soil. We are looking forward to working with WCB, RCDs, California producers, and our partners to invest in soil health and leverage it as a carbon sink. Stay tuned for more updates!

Several articles featured news on the new carbon farming funding including theĀ Marin Independent Journal and the Times-Standard. To read more about RCDs and carbon farming, please take a look at our Carbon Farming program page.