What were RCDs up to in September?

California is home to 96 unique RCDs operating in ten regions throughout the state. RCDs are California’s boots-on-ground, providing everything from technical assistance to design and installation of conservation projects to community education — and more. Each month, we work to compile a small sampling of the incredible work that the districts are doing in and on behalf of their communities.

RCD of Greater San Diego County Awarded Funding for Fire Resilience

The National Association of Conservation Districts’ story, “RCD of Greater San Diego County Leads Collaborative Approach to Battling Wildfire“, highlighted $1.425 million awarded from the Department of Conservation to be directed toward the RCD of Greater San Diego County/Fire Safe Council of San Diego County through the Regional Forest and Fire Capacity Program. The funds will be used in part to develop a regional fire priority plan, project demonstration and regional outreach and education.

The RCD’s executive director, Sheryl Landrum, explained, “Fire is not a matter of ‘if it happens’ anymore, it’s now when it happens; we need to learn to live with wildfire in California. Our regional fire priority plan is not just a strategic plan from one agency, but a strategic plan with all our land managers’ fire priority plans, so it’s cohesive and collaborative, and it will strengthen San Diego’s ability to become more fire resilient.”

California Coastal Clean-Up Days

Sonoma RCD, Solano County RCD, Napa County RCD, and Contra Costa RCD were some of several RCDs that participated in the California Coastal Clean-up Days, where thousands of volunteers took part in the world’s largest waterway and beach cleanup of the year.

Yolo County RCD Co-Leads WMA Meeting

After a ten-year hiatus, the Yolo County Weed Management Area (YCWMA) has been revived! They met on September 18 to give updates on the YCWMA and what it can do for land managers. There were several talks on weed control as well as a presentation by staff from the Yolo County Department of Agriculture. The group is led by the Yolo County RCD and the Yolo County Department of Agriculture.

East Stanislaus RCD Cover Crop Workshop

East Stanislaus RCD hosted a cover crop workshop on Thursday, September 5 at the Lockeford Plant Materials Center. Experts from the Plant Materials Center, Kamprath Seed Company, Bowles Farms, and Project Apis m. spoke on the science behind cover cropping and how to implement it.