Partner Spotlight: Pacific Forest Trust

A think-and-do-tank of scientists, conservationists, policy wonks, entrepreneurs, and outdoor enthusiasts, the Pacific Forest Trust advocates for healthy forest ecosystems, including sustainable wood harvest, healthy watersheds, thriving wildlife, and a well-balanced climate.

Like Resource Conservation Districts, they believe that effective conservation comes through partnerships with federal and state partners, landowners, tribes, local governments and experts. The Pacific Forest Trust serves on the California Association of Resource Conservation District’s Forestry Committee and we continue to partner with them to promote sound policy that benefits Californians through the preservation of our natural resources.

As an accredited land trust, the Pacific Forest Trust has focused on private forests in California, Oregon, and Washington, and conserved more than 270,000 acres of vital forestland regionally, holding easements on more than 105,000 acres. Since 1993, they have created economic incentives that reward private forest owners for conserving their lands and practicing sustainable forestry. Through advocacy, they have helped shape regional and national forest conservation and climate policies, all in an effort to save wildlife and their habitats, create effective climate change solutions, conserve intact forested landscapes, and protect natural water sources.

Their most recent legislative effort aims to provide a long-term, cost-effective solution to securing California’s clean water supply—repairing and maintaining California’s watersheds. For example, restoring wet meadows and the streams that run through them provides multiple benefits for water supplies: replenishing groundwater, holding water later into the summer, decreasing flood velocities and flows, reducing sediment transport, and maintaining cooler water temperatures. Assembly Bill 2693 (Bloom) would increase the pace and scale of on-the-ground restoration across 7 million acres making up the Oroville, Shasta, Trinity watersheds to keep these watersheds vital.

CARCD is glad to have Pacific Forest Trust as an ally to maintain healthy forests, watersheds, wildlife, and a balanced climate. You can find more about the Pacific Forest Trust on their website.