CARCD Post-Fire and Partnership Dicsussion Webinars

CARCD has recordings of our partnership discussion with FSCs and our post fire timeline discussion forum. Below are descriptions of each discussion and links to view the webinars.

FSC – RCD Partnership Discussion
CARCD hosted a 90-minute partnership discussion on July 22nd focused on forming partnerships between RCDs and FSCs. The panel took the form of a guided discussion with time for conversation and Q+A from the attendees. The conversation centered around model agreements between RCDs and FSCs, future opportunities for collaboration, and ways to improve communication. Panelists included CFSC staff, staff from local FSCs, and RCDs with experience in forming partnerships with FSCs.

Post-Fire Timeline Discussion Forum
CARCD is hosting monthly peer-learning forums for RCDs working on post-fire recovery and management. The most recent forum on September 27th focused on collaboratively creating a timeline for post-fire recovery actions. CARCD will synthesize the collective knowledge of the RCD Network to develop a Post-Fire Playbook and disseminate our findings to the RCD Network. CARCD will use the peer-learning forum to refine the Playbook and develop region-specific guides based on relevant vegetation types, expected fire effects, and regional resources. CARCD will also use existing in-house skill sets to provide basic postfire mapping and spatial information support for RCDs without GIS capabilities.