• Donald Butz

    CARCD Board President RCD of Greater San Diego County
  • Colleen Hatfield

    CARCD Board Vice President Butte County RCD
  • Harold Singer

    CARCD Board Secretary/Treasurer & Central Sierra Region Chair Tahoe RCD
  • Rick Gomez

    NACD representative Inland Empire RCD
  • Matt Angell

    San Joaquin Valley Regional Chair Madera Chowchilla RCD
  • Peter Braudrick

    North Coast Regional Chair Mendocino County RCD
  • Rainer Hoenicke

    Bay - Delta Regional Chair Napa County RCD
  • Brent Plemmons

    Central Coast Chair RCD of Monterey County
  • Laurie Tippin

    Modoc Plateau Regional Chair Honey Lake Valley RCD
  • Kellyx Nelson

    District Manager Representative (North) San Mateo County RCD
  • Heather Nichols

    District Manager Representative (Central) Yolo County RCD
  • Mandy Parkes

    District Manager Representative (South) Inland Empire RCD
  • Vacant

    SoCal Inland Regional Chair
  • Vacant

    Sacramento Valley Regional Chair
  • Vacant

    Central Sierra Regional Chair
  • Vacant

    SoCal Baja Regional Chair
  • Vacant

    High Desert Regional Chair