Bennie Johnson Howell

Wildlife Biologist, Collins Pine Company

Bennie is the Wildlife Biologist for Collins Pine Company on their Collins Almanor Forest (CAF) tract in Northern California. Her work includes surveying for RTE plant and wildlife species, assisting with habitat enhancement projects, CEQA and FSC compliance, and collaborating with partners on various restoration and research projects. Bennie also provides environmental outreach at the local elementary school where she primarily works with second graders teaching them about amphibian and reptile conservation.  Bennie’s background revolves around herpetology, and her main research project at Collins currently is a capture-mark-recapture program for Cascades frog (Rana cascadae). Bennie holds a Master’s of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Wildlife Biology from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.