Laurie Tippin

Director, Honey Lake Valley RCD

Laurie Tippin is a director for the Honey Lake Valley RCD in Susanville, CA, the chair of the Modoc Plateau Regional RCD and the chair of the CARCD Forestry Committee. Having served 34 years with the USDA Forest Service as a forestry technician, forester, national-level program manager, line officer and regional program director, Laurie could not walk away from natural resource conservation work upon retirement from the Forest Service in 2013. She became interested in the activities of her local RCD in 2014 and was appointed to the Honey Lake Valley RCD board of directors in April 2015. Laurie has been instrumental in improving the organizational structure and operations of the CARCD Forestry Committee, including creating a new charter for the committee and facilitating the appointment of its members in 2018. “Being of service to my community and the conservation of our natural resources, especially forests, is a value I learned at an early age and one that tracked with me throughout my career and in post-retirement life”, she declared to the general audience of the 2016 CARCD annual conference.

Laurie enjoys traveling, consulting with national and international organizations/governments, hiking and gardening.