CARCD 76th Annual Conference

“Communities, Collaboration, and Climate: RCDs on the Cutting-Edge of Conservation”

Kicking off January 11th and running through February 4th.

There is still time to join us!

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California Association of Resource Conservation Districts (CARCD) continues the tradition of bringing together representatives from federal and state agencies, non-profits, private industries, farming communities, and resource conservation districts (RCDs) to share knowledge, build partnerships, and address urgent natural resource challenges. Experts will present and engage in conversations on climate-smart agriculture, the tree mortality crisis, community fire resilience, sustainable groundwater management, watershed health, social equity in conservation, and wildlife preservation.

The CARCD Annual Conference provides a unique opportunity for our partners and community members to connect directly with RCDs, which are recognized as the go-to hubs for conservation and have been implementing voluntary, locally-led conservation on public and private lands since 1937. Meaningful progress and recovery from all the challenges of 2020 & 2021 will require a collaborative scaling up of solutions, and we invite you to join us as we plan for the future.Zoom fatigue is real. To keep our attendees feeling fresh and engaged, our conference will feature interactive and conversational sessions on the most relevant conservation efforts. We have created a conference that will span the entire month of January. You will have the ability to choose between a single track which will include a 2-4 hour session each week along with the keynote and plenary sessions, or you can get access to the entire conference and pick the presentations that best fit your schedule.

Conference Schedule

Registration & Pricing

We look forward to having you attend the CARCD 76th Annual Conference! Registration is available for a single track, which does include the keynote and plenary sessions, or you may register for the entire conference which will give you access to all tracks.

Full Conference Participation

A month of programming!

RCD Pricing: $140
Non-RCD Pricing: $175
Student Pricing: $75

Single Track Participation

RCD Pricing: $75
Non-RCD Pricing: $90
Student Pricing: $50

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We believe that voluntary, locally-led conservation is the key to ensuring thriving landscapes and adaptable communities for all Californians. If you would like to sponsor the conference, please contact Nancy Wahl-Scheurich at