Get to Know an RCD: East Stanislaus RCD & Soil Health


East Stanislaus RCD (ESRCD) is a 984 square mile district located in the Bay-Delta region east of the San Joaquin River, with an office in Modesto, CA. They have active programs that benefit farmers, ranchers, and watersheds, and cultivate a…

Impact Story

RCDs promote soil health throughout California

Many Resource Conservation Districts are at the cutting edge in pilot projects and creating programs to incentivize and provide technical assistance for carbon farming and healthy soils projects.


Strengthening the RCD Network

There is a broad spectrum of capacity among RCDs. We are leading an unprecedented effort aimed at elevating the statewide network so that districts can collectively achieve their vision of being go-to hubs for conservation in their communities.


Technical Assistance

With CARCD as the lead, our network is able to contract with the State as a single entity while utilizing the expertise of RCDs to provide high quality local service throughout California.


Grazing Lands Coalition

CARCD houses the California Grazing Land Coalition (GLC), which seeks to support producers in the ranching community by concentrating on actions that promote quality technical assistance, education, and outreach.


Carbon Farming

CARCD has been building momentum and developing partnerships related to soil health and greenhouse gas emissions reductions. At the same time, RCDs around the state have begun creating and implementing Carbon Farm Plans in partnership with the Carbon Cycle Institute (CCI).


California Farm Demonstration Network

CARCD signed an MOU with many state and federal partners to form the CDFN in 2017. This network was established through a locally-led, grassroots effort to increase the adoption of economically viable resource conservation strategies by California farmers.


Outreach to Underserved Farmers

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service has partnered with CARCD on an Outreach to Historically Underserved Farmers pilot program, which offers “mini-grants” to eligible non-profits and Resource Conservation Districts to conduct outreach to underserved producers.


Conservation in Cannabis

We are assisting RCDs in the development of Fee-for-Service conservation programs in the cannabis sector by connecting local and state stakeholders, financial support, legal counsel, and partnership opportunities.