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Forestry issues in California are many, complex, and continually changing. From the statewide to the local level, the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts (CARCD) participates in identifying and creating solutions to these issues.

The next Forestry Committee meeting will be held via conference call on Tuesday, February 11th from 8:00 – 9:00 am. Please view the call in number and meeting agenda here.

Many Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) have active forestry programs focused on assisting forest landowners to better manage their forest and wildlife resources. CARCD encourages sustainable forest management practices. The CARCD Forestry Committee was formed to serve as an advisory body to the CARCD board of directors, to California’s RCDs, and to the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to address statewide forestry issues and opportunities. The Committee’s mission is to provide expertise, advice and support to conserve, restore and sustain the health, diversity and productivity of California’s forested landscapes.

Forestry Committee Mission, Charter, & Action Plan
The mission of the CARCD Forestry Committee is to provide expertise, advice, and support to conserve, restore, and sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of California’s forested landscapes.

The Forestry Committee Charter was finalized on February 15, 2018.

The Forestry Committee Action Plan was finalized on June 5th, 2019. The Action Plan will guide the Committee in providing the most meaningful support & assistance to RCDs. The actions, timelines & responsibilities outlined in the plan will meet this purpose.


Current Appointed Members

Member Name


Tenure Through End of Year

Amanda McAdams USFS Agency Representative
Chris Zimny NRCS Agency Representative
Jeannine Giuffre Tehachapi RCD 2021
Jenn Shepard CARCD 2021
Jerry Jensen American Forest Resource Council/RPF 2020
Jerry Reioux FSCC Admin Exec 2021
John Henshaw Napa County Land Trust / Registered Professional Forester 2021
Jonathan Barrett RCD of Tehama County 2020
Lauren Miller Sierra Foothill Conservancy 2021
Laurie Tippin, Committee Chair Honey Lake Valley RCD 2021
Mark Egbert, Committee Vice Chair El Dorado County RCD 2020
Mary Mayeda Mendocino County RCD 2021
Paul Mason Pacific Forest Trust 2021
Pete Johnson Registered Professional Forester / Consulting Forester 2020
Phillip Noia Feather River RCD 2021
Sheryl Landrum RCD of Greater San Diego County 2020
Stephen Jones Placer County RCD 2021
Steve Haze Sierra RCD 2021
Stewart McMorrow CAL FIRE Agency Representative
Susie Kirschner Inland Empire RCD 2020


Meeting Minutes
Needs Assessments

The El Dorado County Resource Conservation District Collaborative Reforestation Program Reforestation Needs Assessment was published in June 2018. For questions or copies of the El Dorado County Resource Conservation District Collaborative Reforestation Program Reforestation Needs Assessment document, please contact El Dorado County RCD District Manager Mark Egbert at (530) 303-5328 or e-mail

Initial Forestry Assessment Responses. A report prepared by the committee on February 12, 2018.

Forestry Program Needs Assessment Summary. A report prepared by the committee on February 12, 2018.

The Forestry Committee Action Plan to support RCD forestry programs was finalized on June 5th, 2019. Action items are based on recommendations from the forestry program needs assessment survey.

Assistance to Landowners

Emergency Forest Restoration Program (EFRP): EFRP is a program of the Farm Service Agency and helps the owners of non-industrial private forests restore forest health damaged by natural disasters. The EFRP does this by authorizing payments to owners of private forests to restore disaster damaged forests. EQIP CFIP EFRP Crosswalk: This document provides an overview of landowner forestry assistance programs that RCD staff may find useful.

CAL FIRE’s Forest Resource Protection and Improvement programs offer a variety of services and funding opportunities to encourage public and private investment in, and improved management of, California forest land and resources. Found HERE, the website provides links to their forestry programs, including landowner assistance, urban & community forestry, forest pest management and others.

Mariposa RCD put together an educational video about CAL FIRE’s CFIP landowner cost-share program. Watch the video HERE.

The USFS Forest Service helps ensure that private landowners have access to technical, educational and financial assistance to achieve their unique objectives and to keep forests sustainable and working for everyone. Found HERE, the nationwide website provides links to a variety of cooperative forestry and fire programs for landowners. California-specific cooperative forestry programs can be found HERE.

The NRCS California State Office provides a variety of technical and financial assistance to forest landowners.

University of California Cooperative Extension extends its resources to help forest landowners solve their natural resource problems. Found HERE, the resources they provide to forest landowners is diverse from research publications to educational opportunities to technical and financial assistance programs.


Updated December 2019

  • Nov. 12, 2018: In November of 2018 the RCD of Greater San Diego County hosted a joint CARCD Forestry Committee and Statewide Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee forest health field tour. Click here to read the article.
Related Programs and Links

California’s Forest Management Task Force was organized to protect the environmental quality, public health, and economic benefits that healthy forests provide to California. The Task Force aims to increase the rate of forest treatments and expand state wood product markets through innovation, assistance, and investment. Information about the Task Force’s work at the State level and more localized work of the four Regional Prioritization Groups can be found HERE.

UCCE Forest Stewardship Workshops for Landowners will help landowners develop plans to improve and protect their forest lands in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner. The workshops will address management objectives and planning, forest restoration, fuels reduction, project development, permitting, and cost-share opportunities. Participants will connect with other landowners and learn how to collect information to develop their own management plans. More information can be found HERE.

California Firesafe Council Brochures are available digitally and in print. The brochures include information and resources about maintaining defensible space and home hardening. More information and details on ordering free print copies can be found HERE.

California Association of Resource Conservation Districts’ guide to local, state, and federal  project opportunities for forest, fire, and fuels. The guide outlines different ways RCDs can approach funding for forestry work and includes one page overviews of community wildfire protection plans, USFS good neighbor authority and master stewardship agreements, and direct contracting with state agencies. The guide can be found HERE

Mariposa County RCD YouTube Channel – Reducing Wildfire Danger: Mariposa County RCD has launched a YouTube channel with videos for homeowners who want to reduce the risk of wildfire on their property. The videos were created from presentations given by local experts— CAL FIRE, University of California Cooperative Extension, fire history expert George Gruell, and others — and have been approved for content by CAL FIRE. There are 14 videos online, and more will be added based on viewer feedback and as new information becomes available. The videos can be found HERE

Updated November 2019


The CARCD Board of Directors has sponsored a forestry committee for several decades to provide expertise, advice, and support to private landowners and partners. Formerly known as the CARCD Forestry and Fuels Committee, the CARCD Forestry Committee served a secondary purpose as the co-lead with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) of the State Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee (FSCC) from 1998 to early 2017. As of June 2017, the CARCD Forestry Committee relinquished its co-lead responsibility associated with the FSCC but remains an appointed and active member of the FSCC. The change was made to streamline functions, clarify requirements and improve operations of each separate committee.

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