CARCD is deeply grateful to the committed individuals who are willing to volunteer their time to make our network a more inclusive, equitable space. It's going to take all of us working together toward shared goals to make the change we want to see. Thanks to these strong leaders who have stepped forward to put in the work to support their (and our) commitment. The committee is made up of CARCD staff and board members and RCD staff and board members that have different perspectives from (among other things) multiple levels of the organization, geographic and racial diversity. We hope to bring many voices together to get a 360 view of the challenges while recognizing that there are always voices missing from the room.

This JEDI committee is a co-created space that is defining the work we can do to remove the systemic barriers in our network. We are starting with a co-created charter that will include goals, objectives and ways to work together to get there.

Latest Updates

JEDI Committee Update as of January 2023

The JEDI Committee formed a subcommittee to work on the CARCD JEDI Charter. JEDI Committee members established the Mission of the Charter and outlined roles and responsibilities pertaining to:

    • Intervention & Prevention of BIPOC staff
    • Supporting & Retaining BIPOC staff
    • Policy & Programming
    • Hiring Practices
    • Education & Outreach
    • Addressing Grievances & Conflict
    • Admin & Communication

The Charter Committee incorporated comments on a draft charter from the BIPOC Affinity Community and CARCD Board of Directors for feedback and sent the new draft to the BIPOC Affinity Community in January 2023 and will receive feedback in February.  Any additional changes will be considered and incorporated and then a finalized charter will be sent to the CARCD Board of Directors for approval.  Once the charter is approved the JEDI Committee will be a recognized board committee and can begin working toward meeting the goals set out in the charter.


Current Members
Member Name Organization Role Contact Information
Alma Eichman Inland Empire RCD Program Staff
Cam Tredennick CARCD Executive Director
Chris Lim Contra Costa RCD District Manager
Derek Emmons Contra Costa RCD Program Staff
Emilie Winfield Marin RCD Program Staff
Erica Harris San Mateo RCD Program Staff
Eric McKee Napa RCD Program Staff
Gaia Pazienti Solano RCD Program Staff
Harold Singer CARCD Board Director
Jeff Borum East Stanislaus RCD Program Staff
Jelly Kahler RCD Santa Monica Mountains Program Staff
Joel Kramer RCD Greater San Diego County Program Staff
Kate Reza Yolo County RCD Program Staff
Kellyx Nelson San Mateo RCD District Manager
Laurie Tippin CARCD Board Director
Marianna Zavala Contra Costa RCD Program Staff
Nancy Wahl-Scheurich CARCD Deputy Executive Director
Qi Zhou CARCD Program Manager, JEDI
Simon Albuquerque Marin RCD Program Staff
Stephanie Sierra Mendocino County RCD District Manager