RCD Post-Fire Playbook

This handbook provides California Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) information to perform post-wildfire recovery. As we are all aware, wildfires are a natural phenomenon in California. However, decades of fire suppression coupled with an increase in fuels, climate change effects, and human development in the wildland-urban interface (WUI) have exacerbated wildfire effects. The size, frequency, and intensity of California wildfires have substantially increased in recent years, contributing to large high intensity burn areas. In 2021, over 2.5 million acres of California burned, destroying over 3,500 structures. This increase in wildfires has cascading social, environmental, and economic costs. As high severity wildfires increase in size, landscapes are at risk of permanent forest loss. The purpose of this handbook is to serve as a guide for RCDs to combat forest and property loss. While the focus is on post-fire action, this handbook recognizes the importance of pre- and during-wildfire actions to effectively accomplish the subsequent postfire steps. This handbook was created and compiled through a series of Post-Fire Playbook Monthly Forums hosted by CARCD with regular RCD involvement and feedback.

This handbook is intended to be a living document, full of resources, tips, timelines, and guides. Regulatory and physical environments constantly change. If funding permits, this handbook will be updated annually or bi-annually. Due to funding constraints, portions of this handbook are brief, bulleted, or, perhaps even lacking. In some places, this handbook will reference links to other sources to avoid duplication and take advantage of pre-existing resources.

Click here to read the Post-Fire Playbook- 1st edition.

This is a product of California Association of Resource Conservation Districts. Written, edited and compiled by Sophia Lemmo, Sierra Riker, and Ryan Reger with guest RCD authors throughout the playbook. Thanks to everyone who played a hand in putting this playbook together!