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RCD Trainings

Each Resource Conservation Districts (RCD) has unique opportunities and challenges before them as they navigate their path to becoming Relevant, Excellent, and Visible go-to hubs for conservation in their communities.

In support of their journey, the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts (CARCD) regularly collects feedback from the RCD network to understand what the on-the-ground district needs are.

When CARCD hears a collective request from RCDs for specific types of leadership or operational support, we work with funding and consulting partners to put on in-person trainings and develop specialized resources that can address those needs. CARCD provides opportunities for RCD board members and district staff to receive trainings on various relevant topics, from district operations to leadership development to advocacy and communications.

These training opportunities enable RCDs from all regions of the state to come together, learn new skills, share ideas, and support one another. New connections are being made amongst RCDs to strengthen regional relationships and develop peer-to-peer support networks. CARCD is actively collecting specialized training materials into a database of resources that is available to current and future RCD directors and staff.