In pursuit of our Vision and Mission, the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts (CARCD) employs the following key strategies:

Build the capacity of individual RCDs

  • By improving access to funding sources for RCDs.
  • By providing technical, administrative, and programmatic support to districts that are simultaneously investing in their own growth and capacity.
  • By providing tailored support to RCDs that are working to achieve Tier 1 Standards.

Increase the reach and influence of RCDs statewide

  • By fostering collaborations and information-sharing among districts.
  • By building political influence and understanding of the work that RCDs do.
  • By building awareness and support for resource conservation in California.
  • By serving as thought leaders in policy and decision making to benefit local resource conservation.

Build the sustainability and impact of CARCD

  • By developing significant, sustainable revenue streams for our organization.
  • By developing a strong and cohesive team within the organization.
  • By developing plans, systems, and infrastructure to support the organization.
  • By building a strong CARCD network that includes more engaged and formal avenues of participation for RCD staff, RCD directors, and partners.